You're the One (Stay by Me)

My latest song, literally just wrote and recorded it this morning
I think it's a keeper


End of the Journey

Here's my first entry to the music part of this blog! I fudged a little on some words and I had kind of a cold sooo I'm not too happy with my voice but I figured I'd make good on my promise anyhow. So enjoy! and leave feedback!



soooo if I can ever get around to finding my microphone and making some almost decent recordings......I'm gonna make this a music blog!!!....if I can figure out the technical stuff that is....might even need help with that if anyone reads this and knows stuff....but...yeah, there you have it, I'll probably still write things on here too if I ever come up with something again, but primarily I think this is going to be my new way of getting my music heard so I can get feedback on it and improve it, sooo enjoy : )