Though derived from a painful experience

Underoath Lyrics:

Just some lyrics I noticed while listening to the song....and it got me thinking, along with some recent events in my own personal life...
How often do Christians do this to "outsiders"
"disguised as a colony, we will wipe them all away"
interesting that they make the reference to a colony....I know a certain someone who ought to appreciate that analogy aside from myself....
you know who you are..
I don't know if Underoath ever intended this to be the point of the song, but it makes sense to me...
Why do we try so hard to change what people believe, instead of showing them love and acceptance as Jesus did
Why do we find it necessary to look down on people, maybe not even realizing what we're doing, just because they don't believe the same thing we do.
Did Christ ever shun someone only because they didn't believe in Him at the time? No...only if He knew that in their hearts they had rejected God and would never change their ways...How many times do we shun people who havn't really rejected God?

At the end of it all
We will be sold for parts
We will try to rebuild
But we ate it all away
All ambitions now run dry
Someone stop this thing, turn it off
In search of new life
Nothing will be left to walk this earth again
Turn it off...
Our hopes and dreams
Will be swallowed
We always said it wouldn't end up like this
We will be the new ice age
We will be the new plague
Disguised as a colony
We will wipe them all away
Feast your eyes
Or just rip 'em out
This is it for us
It's time to panic
We always said it wouldn't end
It wouldn't end up like this
We are the cancer
We are the virus
Tell me it's not too late


I have a job....

The new UPS Store officially opened yesterday....

hurray for manual labor?'s not bad..I get to pack boxes and work the front counter a little and whatever else I get good at doing I suppose...better to be employed and only slightly broke then unemployed and all broke I guess....

In other news..

with any luck and good weather I'll be able to go up to Sheridan next weekend again for a visit to my beautiful girlfriend...

I'm cited

I like Rob Bell....

thought this was really cool....hope it works...


Ink and kisses..( and a little blood)

I had the best weekend I've ever had in my life this past few days....not only did I get to see my amazingly beautiful girlfriend who never fails to leave me stunned and breathless with little more than a smile...but to top it off I got my first tattoo...

a little morose and saddened now since it's over and I had to come back down from heaven (which is very close to sheridan it turns out) and come back to laramie, but I'm doing all right knowing there's someone still northwards from here, eagerly awaiting the next time we meet and wishing for it to be soon

here's a picture of the art, which, was beautifully drawn by this amazing artist of a girl that I know, who I happen to think of as a rather brilliant work of art herself...

P.S. it's on my right forearm in case you couldn't tell


Road Trip!!!!

I"m going to sheridan this weekend!! I"m excited...
I get to see Jesse
best weekend ever...or at least since quite a while ago, before I moving to laramie...

In other equally sensible news.....

.....I guess I don't really have any news....

Did I say I'm goin to sheridan???
well I am....
it's going to rock...