Ink and kisses..( and a little blood)

I had the best weekend I've ever had in my life this past few days....not only did I get to see my amazingly beautiful girlfriend who never fails to leave me stunned and breathless with little more than a smile...but to top it off I got my first tattoo...

a little morose and saddened now since it's over and I had to come back down from heaven (which is very close to sheridan it turns out) and come back to laramie, but I'm doing all right knowing there's someone still northwards from here, eagerly awaiting the next time we meet and wishing for it to be soon

here's a picture of the art, which, was beautifully drawn by this amazing artist of a girl that I know, who I happen to think of as a rather brilliant work of art herself...

P.S. it's on my right forearm in case you couldn't tell

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