So despite my earlier promises I have not been typing as much on here as I would like bad. Anywho, if anyone actually reads this and is wondering where the heck i've dissapeared to, I'm back in laramie again, this time probably for quite a while. Jesse and I are no longer together but still good friends, and as of today I work at Wally World. Woot.

Ok, no more long, run on sentences, please. : P

In other important news, I have been really redefining the way I look at life, the universe, and everything. I've learned that the best thing someone can do is to strive to live as selflessly as possible. I am a selfish person, I'll admit it, and really who isn't. Selfishness is so easy to fall into, and it's always there, like it's just waiting for you to slip up. I've noticed that putting everyone else first really seems to go against the grain of human behavior and especially in today's culture, self-gratification is what it's all about. I guess the point of this is that every time I try to put others before myself, it's like my whole self protests, and I think that's probably the same for just about everyone. challenge to those who are willing to give it a try: Stop putting yourself first. Start putting everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, else first. If you don't hear those protesting voices telling you to think more of yourself, I daresay you're still thinking of yourself too much. It's a struggle, it's not easy my any means. I myself am still fighting to get it right, but I truly believe that if we can learn to live this way, we can start making some real changes in the world, changes for the better. The kind of change Jesus came here for.

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