In All Things

So, life has been amazing to me so far. I have a decent paying job, that kinda sucks sometimes but hey it pays the bills and that's what matters. I have an amazing girlfriend who's enormous and beautiful heart is totally sold out to God. I have awesome friends I can rely on and who know they can rely on me. Life is great, so this got me thinking, how often do we get into the flow of things going really well for us and forget who made things the way they are? Got me thinking that sometimes maybe it can be even harder to remember God when everything is good, than when everything is bad. It's easy to remember God when things are going downhill in a hurry, easy to say where are you? why did you let this happen? why aren't you helping? Why do we so easily call out to our Maker when our chips are down but never remember to thank Him when we have everything we need? I know I'm guilty of this, are you? I guess this is a challenge of sorts, a challenge to my fellow followers of Christ to remember to be thankful and humbly follow God ANYWHERE He leads us, and not just praise Him when things are good, but when they're bad too, and not just ask for His help when our lives are down, but to ask Him to show us opportunities to share our own goodness with others who aren't feeling so blessed. May you come to see that the God of strength is everywhere, and may you come to praise Him and live in worship, in all things.

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