My hiding place

A heart you have stolen, with love boundless, free
A heart you have given, entrusted to me
A shelter you have made, for time of storms
Arms that hold fast, loving and warm
A guiding light you shine, to show the way home
My path to wholeness, no more to roam
A beacon of hope as bright as the sun
It shines in your eyes, outshone by none
And when the storms roll in, and home seems afar
You light up the night sky, as bright as the stars
And when life seems too hard, my head is hung low
My heavy heart is lifted, by the love you show
so in the storms, and in the rain
through all the tears, and all the pain
Through all the hard times, when hope seem afar
When all I can see, is the pain and the scars
I turn to you, my solace of life
To heal the hurt, and relieve the strife
A heart you have stolen, but left not unreplaced
A heart you have given, my hiding place

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