A poem-like thing I wrote a long time ago...decided to dust it off and post it somewhere for people to read

Black like sin

A tall, dark man in black wlaking down an empty street, his dark hat tilted back the wind swirling around his feet. He came down like a fallen angel from the city up above, where the mountain float like clouds and the waters touch the sun.

He looks at you with a glint in his eye and you can't help but feel like you could take off and fly, way up to the clouds and kiss the sky. He passes by. You watch him go, memories flood through your system with ease making it hard to breathe. You stand there frozen in time, unable to speak, but not sure why. Why is this fire coursing through your blood, burning like ice, drowning in a flood, head spinning, you want to turn and run but you can't.

Horror fills your thoughts, pouring over, pain tying your stomach in knots, fury and suffering, like fire burning too hot, all around, trapped in the sound, paralyzed by this new terror you have found. Where did the pleasure go? You just can't seem to find the feelings you used to know, not more than a moment or two ago. I wrote this for the one who has a dark sin hiding, their own personal demon, a man in black biding, striding deep through their heart. Never too far apart.

If you have secrets like we all do, hiding in our minds, running through, the system, must break free, nowhere left to run for you. Habits, choices, thoughts the man has many names, lust, hate, kill, rape, lie, abuse, their all the same. We must break free of the illusion and find God the solution to our madness and pollution. Got to run and find Him in the Son, can't hide, can't run, you've gotta face the truth soon, just like all other men, but the man in black will try to stop you because he hates you, my friend, you never know just how or when, must not let your heart become black like sin.

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